About The PID Tuning Blueprint

The PID Tuning Blueprint is the world's most comprehensive PID Tuning guide-book plus a tuning calculator and PID tuning simulator. It walks you through a proven method for tuning PID loops that I have picked up and refined over my 12 years as a control systems engineer. I have never found this entire method in any book or on any website, so I decided to publish it myself online so that engineers had an alternative to:

  • the free information out there: i.e. very frustrating and downright sub-standard trial and error methods that every other website seems to teach.
  • the top end loop-tuning software packages, some of which work pretty well, but they are all 'black boxes' that don't disclose how the hell they work (oh and they start at about $10,000)

Format Of The PID Tuning Blueprint

The PID Tuning Blueprint is available as an immediate download in PDF format. The PID Tuning Simulator and Tuning Calculator is a sophisticated MS Excel spreadsheet that has been tested on MS Excel 2003 and higher.

It is published as an un-locked PDF/Excel file so you are free to have a copy on multiple PCs. You are also able to print the whole book if you prefer.

By purchasing a single licence you are free to use it for your own use only. If you wish to share it with the rest of your team, then a site licence for up to 20 users is available at checkout. Alternatively you could keep it all to yourself and gain the respect and admiration of your colleagues as the "go-to guy" for tuning PID loops :-)

The PID Tuning Blueprint comes with a logbook which is presented in MS Word, so you can fill it in electronically and also modify it to suit your company's documentation style.

It also comes with a Bonus Linearizer Macro that will increase the performance of your loop dramatically if the actuator is non-linear. This needs MS Excel 2003 or higher.

About the Author

My name is Finn Peacock and when I'm not mountain biking I'm a Chartered Electrical Engineer who has worked in the Nuclear, FMCG, Automotive, Chemical, Packaging, Food and power generation industries for over a decade.

I'm passionate about teaching good engineering practice in plain English to improve processes around the world, improving their efficency, reducing waste, and ultimately keeping industries profitable in the face of increasing costs from all sides.

I live in Australia, but have worked extensively in Europe and the USA. If you want to contact me directly, please use the form here