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The PID Tuning Blueprint - instant download in Adobe Acrobat PDF, a step-by-step, guide with all the information you need to tune your PID loop today. Also included is The PID tuning logbook, The PID Tuning Cheatsheet, Plus the following bonuses: The Idiot's Guide to the PID Algorithm, The Definitive Guide to Cascade Control and The Process Linearizer for Excel

PDF with all the extras above, plus my fully featured "PID Tuning Simulator and PID Tuning Software" for MS Excel. Use the blueprint to identify the critical characteristics of both your process and your PID Controller, then dial in the performance characteristics that you are looking for. You simply bang these parameters into the spreadsheet and it will automatically calculate your optimum tuning constants based on those values. Once you have these values, with one click you can convert these values to the units required by your controller and run a simulation to see how your process will respond to those tuning vales. This is the real secret of the best process control gurus. Simulation before implementation! Make your mistakes in the simulator, not the plant. It is also a great learning tool, and lets you build confidence in the tuning techniques from the comfort of your desk.

Same instant PDF & and other downloads as the Pro Version PLUS: The PID Tuning Blueprint and Idiot's Guide to the PID Algorithm as hard copies shipped to you along with the PID Tuning Simulator/Tuning Calculator and Process Linearizer on CD.

Everything that comes in the Deluxe Package, but you also get the rights to provide up to 20 copies of the materials and software to the other techs and engineers in your company.

Hi, Finn Peacock here. I just want to say that your patronage and trust are greatly appreciated, I'm committed to keeping every promise, and you're backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Thanks for your business!

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